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Ever encountered such Rogue Landlords? What does the law say?

  • <p>From my inbox </p>
    <p>Hi, am a tenant in juja k road, early this month date 1/11/2018 I gave notice to vacate from the house end month, so by date ,30/11, landlord had told Caretaker that if anyone want to vacate, he/she must give notice of 1 month so that you may be given your deposit and for me it was 13500 ksh, now today Caretaker told me that the landlord has said I have to vacate by end month before date 1/12 and I will have to wait for my deposit another one month, he will send the money, that house is same owner of Walawi at juja, what r my rights, inaharibu vitu . Inaunyefunyefu, sewage inarudi Kwa nyumba, I have a kid of one year whom I fear not to be affected,</p>