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The untold Scandal – Cereals stores in Each ward in Kenya

  • <p>By Gacamba</p><p>A few years ago, the government decided that in order to secure food security for its citizenry and in line with the Agenda 4, there was a decision to build cereal stores in almost every ward. This was a duty that was delegated to county governments and of course to MCA’s. <br />So, 2 years ago, many MCA’S were procuring land on behalf of the government in many parts of the country (I don’t understand under which law MCA’s became procurement officers). That aside, land was bought, at of course at bloated prices. This was good business. We all know how juicy land deals.<br />Tenders were floated and construction was supposed to begin. Funds were also released. Infact during the last campaign period, most MCA’S were already bringing construction materials to sites and this earned them a second term from the gullible electorate. As soon as elections were over, construction materials including stones disappeared from sites in the dark nights. <br />Up to date, no one seems to follow up these Cereal stores. The national government doesn’t seem to remember that there was this project that was financed heavily. The country is still grappling with lack of market for maize. Infact, in my locality maize is going for as less as 1600/= per 90kg bag.<br />It’s time to ask, which government agency funded these cereals stores, why wasn’t there any follow up? And how was it that MCA’s became procurement officers for this project?!</p><hr />