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Cows Who Worship In Mainstream Churches

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    Cows who worship in mainstream churches like ACK, PCEA, Catholic Church, AIC, PEFA, Redeemed Gospel Church, Seventh Day Adventists and the likes, have taken to exploiting the situation regarding the Nakuru Pastor who canceled a wedding because he was having sexual-relations with the bride to-be.

    In their retarded heads filled with porridge, members of these churches think that they are in better/safer hands, than those worshipping in private (commercial) churches. But what level of stupidity is this?

    The truth is that mainstream churches are more rotten than even the smaller ones. Look at the Catholic Church in Kenya for instance. It is headed by chain-smoker Cardinal John Njue whose work is politicking on behalf of Jubilee.

    The Catholic Church owns some of the primest properties in Kenya. In Nairobi alone, they have a building in CBD, they have Catholic University in Karen, they have many schools like St. Mary's where retarded Uhuru studied. These guys have hundreds of billions worth of land.

    But stupid Kenyans line up and tithe to continue making the church more richer. Instead of donating to the poor, they keep flooding churches with money.

    Please don't twist my words. I said without fear of contradiction that any Kenyan still attending church (of any nature) is stupid beyond measure. In America, churches are being sold due to lack of patronage, and religion is estimated to be extinct by 2050. So why would you be taking your money to corrupt religious leaders?

    Churches round Kenya have been building white-elephants in the name of churches, instead of engaging in projects that will enhance humanity. Like hospitals, research centers, talent centers, libraries, etc. Why spend 100million to build a church which is only used one day in a week?

    Boycott churches fellow Kenyans. Let the idiots continue tithing and enriching these fabulously wealthy institutions.

  • Very true religion and politic share the same tenets in kenya

  • Christianity has been commercialised, therefore, losing its purpose.

  • And we still manage to call our religious leaders "God sent"... Pastors discourage wealthy living, yet they drive multimillion cars

  • Churches lost meaning long time ago. !

  • Free speach ceases to be free when it becomes insultive. Try to respect our leaders. Our pastors/ preachers or even all clergy men/ women have private lives outside the altar.

  • we have trusted these churches too much that we the people are becoming beggers...

  • We should have a serious discussion about Christianity coz I think this pastors know something that's why they don't care

  • Fake pastors