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Why Both Wilkins Fadhili And Ruth Ambogo Are All Frauds

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    What this Wilkins Fadhili story shows us is that never trust anyone you see on media. These interviews, editorials, "Top 40 under 40" lists and Blaze mentorships are all paid for, or done using skewed methods like bribery. Imagine a list of top bloggers without Nyakundi in it. Who do these people think they fool, kindergarten kids? People who talk too much on TV deliver less. It's just talking up, talking down. We've seen the prices of real-estate/rents grossly manipulated by shadowy characters and agencies giving bootleg analysis on media. These people are frauds. Don't base your judgement of people using media appearances. Anyone can get to TV or newspaper by bribing a journalist


    Did you know that Safaricom had Wilkins Fadhili as a Blaze mentor, whose real name is Edwin O Osigro? Yeah. This is what happens when cartels run your company. They even don't verify details. Blaze should be disbanded and the entire project shelved for duping Kenyan Youth with delusions of grandeur, yet it's just an opportunity for cartels to make cash from the concerts.

    Pia na yeye Ruth Ambogo awache kutupanga. The truth is that both were having sex and the dude probably dumped her after using her for pussy and money.

    Inaitwa Nairobi Mama Nanii. Kulala njaa ni kupenda kwako.

    Is Wilkins a conman? Yes.

    Was he giving Ruth deep strokes? Yes for sure!

    So this story is multi-faceted. We want all versions. Tuache tu kupewa side moja.