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Why We Must Deport Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

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    How Bob Collymore & Safaricom Aided And Abetted Riverside Terror Attack

    Soldiering on with high patronage from the head of state himself, Bob Collymore influence Government to install a high-cost but low impact CCTV system covering Nairobi and its environs. The Huawei system was the first scam of the Kenyatta presidency, and consumed a whopping Kshs. 50 Billion. The tender was not competitively advertised. It was single-sourced.

    Within the same period, Nairobi has been struck with calamity after calamity, ranging from car-jackings, robberies and worst of all, terrorism. Which defeats the very purpose on why the expensive system was installed.

    Some of the weaknesses of this CCTV system and which the supplier/tenderpreneur should have noted is that data management and analysis needed to be handled by top IT experts, who may not necessarily hail from the police structure. It needed a back-end of over 1000 people constantly monitoring movement and detecting suspicious activity, especially around key installations.

    What we see are the same overworked and underpaid police officers Manning the camera's, sometimes one person with AP uniform Manning like 10 screens.

    All the costs should have been included in the total sum of the scam in this unnecessary project. But because of the tenderprenuerial mindset of Bob Collymore and Nzioka Waita (now in Statehouse), they only wanted to deliver the cameras, get paid and earn their cut.

    That 50B could have equipped and fully stocked all our Level 5 hospitals in the country. But even then, Uhuru's brother Muhoho Kenyatta would have acquired the contract and inflated the costs ten times over. He pretends to be a corporate guru but he's just another Kenyatta piece of shit, whose only claim to fame is pilfering taxpayers money.

    Why were we paying for an expensive CCTV system if it cannot mitigate against crime and terrorism? Isn't this financial terrorism in itself where Bob Collymore and Safaricom traded the lives of Kenyans for profit?

    This month, lawyer Apollo Mboya has applied to cross-examine Bob Collymore on the exact nitty-gritties surrounding this CCTV scam on my behalf. We hope to use this opportunity to enlighten Kenyans on how their tax money was wasted on a white-elephant, which has not solved any particular crisis as of now.

    It is high time that Safaricom answers questions in a legal framework, instead of using their muscle to persecute bloggers who raise valid concerns on the Internet space.