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What a Shame To Abagusii

  • <p>By HM Sikini </p>
    <p>So this is where it has gotten to.  Gate crushing Luo Nyanza's meetings and being evicted unceremoniously and shamefully and now we are a laughing stock. Instead of the two leaders attending the graduation at Kisii University, they are busy being cheer leaders in Luo Nyanza. SHAME!!!! </p>
    <p>How low are our Governors dragging us? </p>
    <p>How hard is it for Ongwae and Nyagarama to invite the President to GUSII? </p>
    <p>I now surely miss the Late Zachary Onyonka and Mzee Simeon Nyachae</p>
    <p>Our pride has to be restored </p>
    <p>No major National Government Projects have taken place in GUSII Land  since the two leaders left the scene.... </p>
    <p>The Abagusii  people have a memorundum to present to HE The President Uhuru Kenyatta</p>
    <p><img src="/assets/uploads/files/1544936172303-be4c2920-e76e-40f4-89f9-9517e0351ba9.jpeg" style="cursor:pointer;" /></p>