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Moses Kuria Eating Maribe

  • <img src="/assets/uploads/files/1542529981288-10d286b7-b3a3-44a0-b8eb-37a55082ea46-resized.jpeg" /><p><span style="-webkit-tap-highlight-color:transparent;-webkit-text-size-adjust:100%;">Dennis Itumbi was not at Naisula Lesuuda's wedding. He was simply taking a bullet to deflect the pressure from his friend Moses Kuria. Kenyans were deliberately tooled to focus on Itumbi's post, rather than the fact that Kuria is the one with Maribe. </span><br /></p>
    <p>Looks like the person who is “eating” Jacque Maribe is Moses Kuria. And now that Jowie Irungu who was framed for the crime is out of the picture, Kuria can enjoy the forbidden fruit in relative peace and calm. </p>
    <p>Jowie was on Friday moved from Industrial Area Remand to Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, after we presented new facts surrounding his case. If indeed truth had been the guiding factor, then why are these people reacting to Nyakundi's articles? </p>
    <p>It can only mean that Jowie Irungu is being framed for murder. That a day after Nyakundi ran new facts, they moved him to Kamiti? </p>
    <p>Meanwhile his girlfriend is just being flown around and fucked by another dude. It is called “Solipsism” . It is the female-specific obliviousness to any concern – or lesser prioritized concern – of anything outside their immediate existential needs.</p>
    <p>We can only sympathize with Jowie. From dealing with pain from the wound which prison authorities have refused to treat him for, to dealing with the psychological trauma of hearing that his girlfriend is just parambulating around with politicians, with no honor or shame. </p>
    <p>That's why you're told to choose your partners wisely. Not every lady is wired to pull the stunt that Maribe did. Many are self-conscious and logical. If you asked me, I'd not touch a media lady with a 6 foot pole.</p><p></p>

  • <p>jowie is a gay hope you have seen the pictures circulating ...better the lady to enjoy with those other guys that that Idiot Called Jowie</p>

  • <p>@soaps Look a like. Completely different person </p>

  • <p>@cnyakundi, ulikosa kitu ya kufanya kapsaa, hii yote ni poronjo!<br /></p>

  • <p>broke boychild suffering at the expense of rich boychild...I pity Jowie</p>

  • <p>@cnyakundi Jacque Maribe wasn't Jowie's equal, Media feminists are just destroyers. </p>

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