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Jowie Irungu Family Asked To Pay Hospital Bill

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    <p>Faced with the greatest betrayal and rejection in his life, Joseph “Jowie” Irungu is now at a crossroads. And I as Cyprian Nyakundi have started questioning the facts being peddled online and by Githeri Media journalists, Kenya's biggest idiots by far. </p>
    <p>I got concerned with Dennis Itumbi's bullshit poetry, that seemed to portray his ex as just a mere victim of love. As you know, this college-dropout and piece of shit from Kirinyaga uses spin and obfuscation to trap ignorant masses of low intellect with his lies. </p>
    <p>But before I get to the nitty-gritty, I begin my investigation with a question; when an inmate is arrested, isn't the Government supposed to take care of his hospital bills? </p>
    <p>Reports reaching my desk indicate that Jowie Irungu's family were asked to foot his hospital bill at Kenyatta National Hospital to the tune of Kshs. 20,000.00. How is this possible? Aren't inmates under the care of the Government? </p>
    <p>As Kenyans, let's start opening our eyes. Dennis Itumbi together with Moses Kuria were the last people to be seen with blogger Bogonko Bosire before he disappeared without a trace. These are not trustworthy motherfuckers at all! I take it upon myself to not believing Githeri Media theories. </p>
    <p>We'll touch base soon.</p><p><img src="/assets/uploads/files/1542267434472-60aa8a6b-3797-46b3-bd07-cadaf9d6e260-resized.jpeg" /></p><br />