This is the pastor who canceled a wedding under the pretext of HIV tests, but the only thing worrying him is that he was sleeping with the bride to-be. The pastor is very notorious when it comes to sleeping with brides a night to the wedding. Kenyans should shun doing weddings in church or attending those sham counselling sessions. Again I reiterate that religious leaders should be [email protected]! All of them. They're all scumbags. On one hand they're propagandists for Jubilee soliciting money from politicians. On the other, they're home-wreckers, sleeping with people's wives. Don't allow any pastor or bishop in your house. Utakuliwa bibi yako. ![0_1541437010309_52342A61-ADF7-4354-8C50-E66689A53B64.jpeg](/assets/uploads/files/1541437010911-52342a61-adf7-4354-8c50-e66689a53b64.jpeg) ![0_1541437028989_D5F97387-2C24-41FB-B94A-BA6B2D715B66.jpeg](/assets/uploads/files/1541437029173-d5f97387-2c24-41fb-b94a-ba6b2d715b66.jpeg)